What is going on at MESAU?

Top Global Health Research Stories of 2015 from Fogarty

As the end of the year draws near, Fogarty looks back on our top global health research news throughout 2015. Revisit these news stories, which topped the list for editors and readers of Fogarty'sGlobal Health Matters newsletter.

1. NIH awards $36M to train junior faculty in Africa through Medical Education Partnership Initiative program

Elearning Workshop
Reimagining Health sciences Education: Examples, Experiences and Tools

Kathy Burke, MBA, Msc, UCSF

A Lunch time seminar on the procurement process organized by MaKCHS Grants & Contracts office in collaboration with NACCAP II ARISE Program

The Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) and the University of Minnesota sponsored  health sciences symposium to celebrate ten years of collaboration, research, and education.

Theme : “Supporting and Celebrating Interdisciplinary and Transnational Research”.

Case Presentation - Dr Nalwanga Damalie
Acute /Chronic Renal Failure - Dr. NAKATO AISHA
Renal Failure And Renal Replacement Therapy In Children – The Experience In Paediatric Care- Cfs, Mgt & Rrt - Dr. Loy Nabirye

A 12 Year old with abnormal movements 10 years after a viral Examination 

Distribution Of Computers And Equipment To 5 Cobers Sites

(Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th November 2015)

As part of its efforts to improve the training of medical doctors in Uganda, MESAU gave support to COBERS Sites where students go for community clerkship. In order to achieve this, MEPI-MESAU at Gulu University donated computers to five of the eleven health centres where MBChB students go for community clerkship in their fourth year of study