What is going on at MESAU?

  • Medical Treatment of Aortic Dissection - Dr. James Kayima Cardiology, UHI
  • Surgical Management of Aortic Dissection - Mwambu Tom Uganda Heart Institute
  • Case presentation I - Dr Othin M  MMED Anaesthesia II

Candidate: Eddie M Wampande

Opponent: Prof. David Alland (Phd)
Center for Emerging Pathogens, New Jersey Medical School, USA
1.    Prof. Moses L Joloba (PhD)
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University Uganda

Candidate: Getrude Nakigozi
Supervisors: Prof. Kamya R. Moses (MBChB, MMed, MPH, PhD)
Assoc. Prof. Lynn Atuyambe (BASS, MPH,PhD), Department of Community
Health and Behavioural Sciences

This Seminar was dedicated to creating awareness on  how to navigate the
appointment and promotion process and to bring to the fore the pertinent
issues regarding the new appointment and promotion Policy.

Introduction - Dr. Elizabeth Namukwaya
Defining Burnout:What it is and is not - Dr. Grace Kansiime
Dyad Exercise - Dr. Hannah Billett
Factors Contributing to Burnout:Personal and Systemic - Fr. Dr. Samuel Okori
Demonstration - Drs. Hannah Billett and Harriet Nankabirwa

Candidate: Dr. Godfrey S. Bbosa

Title: Chronic alcohol exposure by HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral drug regimen(d4T/3TC/NVP) in Uganda: A study of therapeutic window and their therapeutic response